What I wrote about The Sea in Denmark (2006)

Baltic sea from Skagen, Denmark. By Caracol@

Baltic sea from Skagen, Denmark. By Caracol@

The sea

 A natural and mysterious place is the most beautiful place in the world. That enigmatic place does not have a uniform colour. Sometimes it is blue, green, dark and even white. Moreover you can find it everywhere in the world. If you are in the cold North you will find the solid ice in the winter and calm water during the fresh summer. However if you are in the warm South you can see that incredible landscape blue and brave.

 The sea, that fantastic place, is full of contradictories feelings. It is a lovely place when lots of happy people enjoy the hot summer and swim in a clean water. But it could be a horrible torture for a lonely heart. The last one maybe prefers the sad and dark sea when the beach is empty and the sand is wide. At that moment you can hear the natural and sleeping noise of the waves. And you can try to find the impossible horizon. Sitting in the wet sand there are two unforgettable moments you can enjoy alone or maybe in a satisfactory company: when the shiny sun disappears in the finished afternoon and when it appears in the early morning. At these moments the clear sky is replete of fascinating colours. Sometimes is completely different but also beautiful when it is raining on the vast water.

The humans are sometimes a little bit selfish and they just enjoy this wonderful place in summer, when the bright sun appears. After that, they forget its perfect landscape. But they are wrong, because it is in the freezing winter when the sea is more quiet and captivating. However there are people who live always in the sea. They are brave fisherman and they love and know perfectly all the secrets of the powerful sea. Nevertheless, sometimes it is a dangerous place where humans can find a terrible dead. But being careful with the unexpected problems you will not have any problem to enjoy that marvellous place.



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